Saturday, February 24, 2018


GENERAL REMARKS WITH SOME UNIVERSAL ARTISTIC QUESTIONS: "Haiku moment" (the idea of the poem) comes spontaneously but writing haiku is complex, not necessarily spontaneous art. Sometimes, because of shortness of the haiku, it may seem possible just to write down your idea (haiku moment) and to announce/publish new haiku but, as in any art, the idea is not the same as the poem/story/movie... An idea is just an idea - your job, job of an artist/poet is to transform idea into the piece of art/poem. What is missing the most in the poems of haiku lovers is willingness to think and meditate an idea. He/she must be always able to answer some universal artistic questions like:
-What I want to say with this poem?
-What is the theme/topic of the poem?
-What is the best way to express the topic?
-Do I need to change or add something?
-Why is this poem important to me?
(If poem is not important to you then you can not expect that the poem will be important to other poets and readers).

After we find answer to these question the Haiku Workshop can start.

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