Saturday, July 28, 2012

THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION (2), haiku from the left front

Dimitar Anakiev
THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION (2), haiku from the left front
dedicated to all revolutionaries of past, present and the future

Heal the wounds
of revolutions, become
a child of new Aurora

A government of
Compradors "plus the electrification"-
that's my country

Negri said that
Žižek late became a Trotskyst
breeze newer late

"Learn, learn
and learn again..."
A woodpecker

"A lie told often
enough becomes the truth" -
the "end of history" that came

"Can a nation be free
if oppress other nations?"
I ask a wild flower

Capitalism in decay
that's the fascism, said Lenin.
The dead coyote in tundra

"One man with a gun
control hunders without one"
The massacre in Aurora

Marxist thought
constantly reborn in the heart:
that's the Permanent Revolution

(*) All quotes by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Friday, July 27, 2012

WAVING THE RED FLAG, haiku from the left front

Dimitar Anakiev
WAVING THE RED FLAG, haiku from the left front
dedicated to Joseph Joe Mussomeli who makes great efforts to correct the history of my country

As in an old film
I put on a fresh shirt
and go to the rally

Тwo decades living
without own history
hard even for a stone

A legacy of workers'
state, the common property:
flies share the table

Ambassador Joe
hates our Magistra Vitae
for waving the red flag

Six republics, sky              
and Adriatic sea            
sold for money 

They cut the pine:
it knows the Education and Health
flat, job, house and car

In the Balkans              
calling the name of "rustic"         
swastikas sprout  

Neanderthal man
bombing Afghanistan back
to the Stone Age

In the end of the Trail of Tears—
the tears forced into
costume jewelry

Thursday, July 26, 2012

PERMANENT REVOLUTION, haiku from the left front

Dimitar Anakiev, from the collection
THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION, haiku from the left front
in support of poet Manu Kant

Revolutionary students
of today are waiting in the lines
of McDonald's restaurant

“Socialism or barbarism?”
asked Rosa Luxemburg
before she was killed

“Arab spring” they say
but there is still deadly cold
in the hearts of people

Gusts of rain
confirm the power of people
is indestructible

From the forest
fog rises but the thought of Trotsky
remains hidden

Trotsky suggested
left-front instead of right-front...
What is the “People's Front”?

Camouflaged bureaucrats
presented as Marxists
just as defeatists

Reformed leftists
refused Marxism embracing
“the only reality”

Trying to see things
as clear as my cat seeking prey
I go back to Marxism

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Manu Kant

Comrade Manu Kant, is a journalist and editor from New Delhi, India. His haiku are refreshing, sharp and engaged - the most acute and politically active haiku I met until today in actual world of haiku... One of my favorite, perhaps haiku I wanted to write myself many times during endless formalistic discussion with American haiku poets:

haiku vs senryu business--
tell me instead if America
is a totalitarian capitalist state?

Other haiku too actual and sharp. How many of us dare to write so direct poetry?

Colorado gunman - a joker?
Who were the soldiers in Iraq?
& who are in Afghanistan?

Batman movie shooting--
I recall Reagan's words:
'The USSR is an evil empire'

another US shooting--
just like the cyclical crisis
of capitalism

a missing Alzheimer's patient--
oh, my Soviet nostalgia
so tenacious

before the mirror--
a Dalit* makes up
for a smile to alight on her face

* the lowest rung of Hindus in the casteist Hindu religion who generally do all the manual & menial work. Dalit is a designation for a group of people traditionally regarded as untouchable.

drought conditions--
the poor farmer's eyes
a broken mirror

12 killed in Colorado shooting--
I scatter feed to the pigeons

a rush of Soviet nostalgia
I inhale the
beedi's smoke

this talk, again
of Lenin's burial
why not his resurrection?

telling my daughter about the Soviet Union-
I begin with
once upon a time

my daughter's maiden flight
to see Lenin entombed

reading Krupskaya's reminiscences--
Lenin didn't get October
on a platter

with a human face-
there must be a copyright violation

*a big landlord in Russian

fresh reports of Lenin's burial--
reading Krupskaya's* reminiscences
Lenin springs to life

* Lenin's wife

you swear by your Santa--
I have seen kid ragpickers
giving our world a second chance

I bump into my ex-psychiatrist--
she tells me
'you can step into the same river twice'

Marx on hold--
my 8-yr-old daughter
still obsessed with Barbie

two decades after the Soviet Union
my class angst
at a boiling point

47th birthday-
my daughter counts the years
I am older to her

with my ex-Soviet girl
on the Moscow streets--
now bearing different name

winter early morning -
on the pot
reading Lunacharsky's Lenin

peering closely at the tag
American flag
made in China

rising above
the National Anthem
the ringtones