Sunday, November 25, 2012


International haiku by Kamesan

51 haiku by Kamesan ( September 2007 )

in the pure land Japanese garden grasshoppers


seijô no nihon no niwa ni iru batta


following a grasshopper through the Japanese garden


nihonteien deteyuku batta no ato o oi

by the monument to Soseki I touch my first bamboo


sôseki no hi ya waga hajimete no take ni fure

over a wet stone a small snail enters the Japanese garden


nureishi o koete niwa ni iru katatsumuri

pissing in the bamboo forest I become bamboo

竹林の中小便 竹になる私

chikurin no naka no shôben take ni naru watashi

on Mount Kimpo I met Soseki, Santoka and Shibata
金峰山にて出会う 漱石 山頭火 柴田

kinpo-zan nite deau sôseki santôka shibata

rain-wet naked in the night of the Japanese garden


ame ni nure nihonteien no yoru no chô

from the tatami i wipe my wet foot-prints


tatami kara nugû onore no ashi no mizu no ato

the night too short for cicadas and me in the Japanese garden


niwa no semi to ware niwa yoru wa mijikakute

before dawn lightning in the Japanese garden


akatsuki no mae ni raikô niwa ni ari

mosquito and me alone in the tatami room


ka to onore nomi nari tatami no heya ni ite

to Alma Anakiev

ferry to Yakushima a girl's hand stretched to catch a rainbow

屋久島への船上 娘は虹をつかもうと

yakushima e no senjô musume wa niji o tsukamô to

coming to Yakushima the Yakushima rain


yakushima ni kitare ba kitaru yaku no ame

appears and disappears in haze Kuchierabu-jima
現れては消える靄中 口永良部島

arawarete wa kieru moya naka kuchierabujima

finally a dragon-fly lands on the pine in the Japanese garden


teien ya tsui ni tonbo ga matsu no e ni

smoking i meditate in the Japanese garden


tabako sui omoi megurasu niwa no naka

stopping for a while a grasshopper leaves the Japanese garden


todomare ba batta wa niwa o hanare yuku

a Japanese cat steps into the Japanese garden


nihon neko nihon no niwa ni fumiireri

enjoying every bite of the mosquito


ka ni sasareru koto o subete tanoshimu

drinking sake all night in the Japanese garden


yo o tôshi sake nomu nihon no niwa no naka

on the day i spoke with Hoshinaga-sensei the moon cut by katana

over the edge of a roof moonshine comes into the Japanese garden

shadows from a neon light also come into the Japanese garden

Keiko the silent kami of the house

stepping in the ant's path in the Japanese garden chaos

as a flying-fish i penetrate an unknown mind

Kagoshima the impossibility of communication by words
to Kame-san:

a big wave of the ocean is dropping me out at Inakahama
to Terada-san:

listening to the ocean listening to my friends listening to the ocean

above Japanese roofs an Islamic moon

to Ito Yuki :

Hoshinaga-Ito Dimitar-Ito Jim-Ito Richard-Ito Ito

to Jim Kacian:
in the foam of broken Pacific waves thoughts on rebellion

a hundred times konnichiwa going through the land of Yakusugi

a swarm of dragon-flies above the place where Oko-no-taki pours

resisting the big waves of Pacific at Inakahama

to Richard Gilbert:

a garbage man at Inakahama enthralled by the ocean


from a pole the crow stares at the ocean

through the tunnel we go out into the night a way to Hinagumachi

coming back from Santoka's bath smiles of yakuza

to Judy and Masa:
coming back from Ikkenya gentle rain

a rainbow over the rainbow in Kumamoto
to Al Gore:
at the railroad crossing a car stopped by the bamboo-barrier

Shimabara still in haze of rebellion

facing the limits of life a grasshoper lit by sunshine

to Izumi and Jeff:

breathing smoking mountain Aso

at Minamiaso the Strong Boss saloon

Fukuoka walking the Street of Sad People i'm coming back home

visiting Japan for two cuttings of my nails

the first sun a small cloud departs Fukuoka

on the sunny side of the Alps i plant a bamboo from Mount Kimpo

young bamboo dreams a view at the ocean from Mount Kimpo

wakatake ya kinpô-zan kara nozomu yume

Poems originaly written in English by author, polished by Jim Kacian,

Japanese translations by Ito Yuki

DIMITAR ANAKIEV aka KAMESAN ( b. 1960 in Belgrade ) began to write and publish poetry at the age of 13, and began writing haiku in 1985. He is the „father“ of many Balkan haiku projects such as „Haiku Novine“ ( Serbia ) and „Prijatelj“ and „Apokalipsa haiku edition“ ( Slovenia ). He is a co-founder of World Haiku Association and co-editor of „Knots – An Anthology of Southeatern European Haiku Poetry“. Anakiev also editeted Slovenian haiku anthology „Pond of Silence“ and anthology of anti-war haiku „Piece of Sky“. His awards include the European Award: The Medal of Franz Kafka, The Museum of Haiku Literature Award, Haiku Society of Amerika anual Merit Book Award and prizes from Mainichi Daily News, Daily Yomiuri ( both Tokyo ) and Azami ( Osaka ). He also won several film awards including the National Slovenian Award for best documentary film.

Read: Kamesan Haiku Blog:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


By Dimitar Anakiev

Deformed worker's
state in my memories flies
and a butterfly dead

Working class mass
action: isn't it an anthill
in orchard of my youth?

Two Stage Theory
vs Permanent Revolution:
ocean waves

Better understandable
proletarian internationalism:
penniless in rain

Transitional program
step by step walking backwards
mist of spring

Thursday, October 11, 2012



A glass of stale water
in the room of Parliament
of the Republic of Slovenia

One finger of coffee
Republic of Slovenia offered
to the victims of state terror

Parliament agenda
is unchanged: a cloudy day
in the city of Ljubljana

Dimitar Anakiev

HMC, 10/08/2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


by Dimitar Anakiev

dedicated to Pavluško Imširević

My child is playing
hide 'n' seek with a child of
Nicolas Chauvin

Chauvinism falsely
presented as a nationalism:
dirty snow has fallen

The chauvinists from
the Balkans united under the
Milky way of capitalism

My tomcat was never
a chauvinist, he is simply
too intelligent, too smart

chauvinism rules Slovenia:
Triglav mount foggy

Serbian chauvinism hates
Albanians, Bulgarians, Croatians...
"There, far away..." a swamp

After a quasi Marxism
we turned to real chauvinism:
muddy roads all around

Balkan's neocolonialism 
works by chauvinistic tycoons
rich in color autumn

Chauvinism in Bosnia,
for ArcelorMittal to earn money
in ex-camp Omarska

Dimitar Anakiev

Saturday, July 28, 2012

THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION (2), haiku from the left front

Dimitar Anakiev
THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION (2), haiku from the left front
dedicated to all revolutionaries of past, present and the future

Heal the wounds
of revolutions, become
a child of new Aurora

A government of
Compradors "plus the electrification"-
that's my country

Negri said that
Žižek late became a Trotskyst
breeze newer late

"Learn, learn
and learn again..."
A woodpecker

"A lie told often
enough becomes the truth" -
the "end of history" that came

"Can a nation be free
if oppress other nations?"
I ask a wild flower

Capitalism in decay
that's the fascism, said Lenin.
The dead coyote in tundra

"One man with a gun
control hunders without one"
The massacre in Aurora

Marxist thought
constantly reborn in the heart:
that's the Permanent Revolution

(*) All quotes by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Friday, July 27, 2012

WAVING THE RED FLAG, haiku from the left front

Dimitar Anakiev
WAVING THE RED FLAG, haiku from the left front
dedicated to Joseph Joe Mussomeli who makes great efforts to correct the history of my country

As in an old film
I put on a fresh shirt
and go to the rally

Тwo decades living
without own history
hard even for a stone

A legacy of workers'
state, the common property:
flies share the table

Ambassador Joe
hates our Magistra Vitae
for waving the red flag

Six republics, sky              
and Adriatic sea            
sold for money 

They cut the pine:
it knows the Education and Health
flat, job, house and car

In the Balkans              
calling the name of "rustic"         
swastikas sprout  

Neanderthal man
bombing Afghanistan back
to the Stone Age

In the end of the Trail of Tears—
the tears forced into
costume jewelry

Thursday, July 26, 2012

PERMANENT REVOLUTION, haiku from the left front

Dimitar Anakiev, from the collection
THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION, haiku from the left front
in support of poet Manu Kant

Revolutionary students
of today are waiting in the lines
of McDonald's restaurant

“Socialism or barbarism?”
asked Rosa Luxemburg
before she was killed

“Arab spring” they say
but there is still deadly cold
in the hearts of people

Gusts of rain
confirm the power of people
is indestructible

From the forest
fog rises but the thought of Trotsky
remains hidden

Trotsky suggested
left-front instead of right-front...
What is the “People's Front”?

Camouflaged bureaucrats
presented as Marxists
just as defeatists

Reformed leftists
refused Marxism embracing
“the only reality”

Trying to see things
as clear as my cat seeking prey
I go back to Marxism

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Manu Kant

Comrade Manu Kant, is a journalist and editor from New Delhi, India. His haiku are refreshing, sharp and engaged - the most acute and politically active haiku I met until today in actual world of haiku... One of my favorite, perhaps haiku I wanted to write myself many times during endless formalistic discussion with American haiku poets:

haiku vs senryu business--
tell me instead if America
is a totalitarian capitalist state?

Other haiku too actual and sharp. How many of us dare to write so direct poetry?

Colorado gunman - a joker?
Who were the soldiers in Iraq?
& who are in Afghanistan?

Batman movie shooting--
I recall Reagan's words:
'The USSR is an evil empire'

another US shooting--
just like the cyclical crisis
of capitalism

a missing Alzheimer's patient--
oh, my Soviet nostalgia
so tenacious

before the mirror--
a Dalit* makes up
for a smile to alight on her face

* the lowest rung of Hindus in the casteist Hindu religion who generally do all the manual & menial work. Dalit is a designation for a group of people traditionally regarded as untouchable.

drought conditions--
the poor farmer's eyes
a broken mirror

12 killed in Colorado shooting--
I scatter feed to the pigeons

a rush of Soviet nostalgia
I inhale the
beedi's smoke

this talk, again
of Lenin's burial
why not his resurrection?

telling my daughter about the Soviet Union-
I begin with
once upon a time

my daughter's maiden flight
to see Lenin entombed

reading Krupskaya's reminiscences--
Lenin didn't get October
on a platter

with a human face-
there must be a copyright violation

*a big landlord in Russian

fresh reports of Lenin's burial--
reading Krupskaya's* reminiscences
Lenin springs to life

* Lenin's wife

you swear by your Santa--
I have seen kid ragpickers
giving our world a second chance

I bump into my ex-psychiatrist--
she tells me
'you can step into the same river twice'

Marx on hold--
my 8-yr-old daughter
still obsessed with Barbie

two decades after the Soviet Union
my class angst
at a boiling point

47th birthday-
my daughter counts the years
I am older to her

with my ex-Soviet girl
on the Moscow streets--
now bearing different name

winter early morning -
on the pot
reading Lunacharsky's Lenin

peering closely at the tag
American flag
made in China

rising above
the National Anthem
the ringtones

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Billie Bokun in Colorado Springs, 2009 (Photo by: Miodrag Budiša)

Biljana Billie Bokun aka Lora Dober is a poet and photographer from Denver, Colorado. She started publishing haiku and tanka in Karolina Rijecka (Croatia). Some of her haiku include:

Snowflake falls
on my palm and melts
like a thought

I walk alone
this restless morning: patches
of snow in the grass

Lonely seagull
flies above the world
towards the sunlight

On the blue water
seagulls land and become
white flowers

(Translated by Dimitar Anakiev)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Filozoski vrt u Budimpešti autora Wagner Nándora


Golub mira
uvukao se u puškarnicu
Budimskog zamka

Jedna vrana
preleće ulicu
Hejojo (Hegyalja)

na Eržebet mostu
duva severac

Filozofski vrt:
na brdu Gelert-sunce
sija nepomično

Tuširam se:
na podu kupatila senke
kapljica vode

UZ REKU (04.02.2012)

Hodam uz reku
po smrznutom kamenju.

Travka u reci
nosi okovratnik
od leda