Saturday, March 22, 2014

PROFUGHI / REFUGEE, a haibun by Andrea Cecon


Ad ogni nostro incontro mi ha parlato di se e della sua vita. Mi ha parlato spesso del suo paese: lì non ci sono bevande sofisticate o Martini Dry "on the rocks", nessun ristorante di lusso, nessun negozio esclusivo. Ha detto che è sempre stato impossibile procurarsi un paio di Levi’s jeans, ma adesso sembra come se tutte queste cose non significhino più un granché.

filo spinato –
un profugo s’impiglia
in un ricordo



He told me about himself, about his life. He often told me about his native place. You can't find sophisticated drinks or Martini dry "on the rocks" in that place. No fancy restaurant, no exclusive shop. You can't get Levi's jeans but nowadays it seems like all these things don't mean much anyway.

barbed wire --
a refugee entangled
in a memory

Andrea Cecon

Thursday, March 13, 2014

DÜSTERES LICHT / Lurid Light / Opolzka svetoloba

Lurid Light
Opolzka svetoloba

Dietmar Tauchner
Slovenian translation: Metod Češek

These poems were written in the summer 2003 after a visit to the former concentration camp Mauthausen, the largest in Austria, which is now a memorial place.

über uns die Sonne
von damals

Mauthausen -
above us
the same sun

Mauthausen -
nad nami
isto sonce

ein Bauer düngt sein Feld
neben dem KZ

summer air
a farmer dungs his field
beside the camp

poletni vetrič
kmet gnoji svoje polje
zraven taborišča

dunkle Sommersonne
dunkle Sommersonne
in den Baracken

the dark summer sun
the dark summer sun
in the shacks

temno poletno sonce
temno poletno sonce
v barakah

kinderaugen grün hinter dem stacheldraht
the child's eyes green beyond the barbed wire

otrokove oči zelenijo onkraj bodeče žice

ein Schild
vor dem Krematorium
Bitte nicht rauchen

a sign
in front of the crematorium
“please don’t smoke”

pred krematorijem
''prosimo, ne kadite''

Düsteres Licht
die schneeweißen Fliesen
der Gaskammer

lurid light
the snow-white tiles
of the gas chamber

opolzka svetloba
snežnobele ploščice
v plinski celici

ein Mann hebt
sein Kind hoch

gas chamber
a man lifts up
his child

plinska celica
moški vzdigne
svojega otroka

die Stelen

breath of wind
the memorials

sapica vetra

Jemand lacht am Weg zum Steinbruch

someone laughs on the way to the quarry

nekdo se smeje na poti v kamnolom

Schritt für Schritt
mehr außer Atem

death’s stairway
step by step
more out of breath

stopnišče smrti
korak za korakom
pojenja sapa

das Auto verfolgt
von Staub

leaving the camp
the car chased
by dust

zapuščanje taborišča
avto preganja
le še prah

am Ufer der Donau
ein Liebespaar

at the Danube bank
two lovers

na bregu Donave
dva ljubimca

outake from: as far as i can, Red Moon Press, Winchester, 2010

Dietmar Tauchner, born in 1972 in Austria, lives & works in Puchberg & Vienna, as a social-worker / counselor, author and lover.
His work has been published in various magazines & anthologies worldwide.
He received some awards, and attended the First and the Second European Haiku Conference, The Haiku North America Conference in 2005, as well as the World Haiku Association Conference 2009 in Lithuania, where he held lectures and readings.

Haiku Publications:
as far as i can, Red Moon Press, Winchester, 2010
Schnee, CD, Moksha Music, St. Veit, 2011
Steg zu den Sternen, Wiesenburg Verlag, Schweinfurt, 2012
noise of our origin, Red Moon Press, Winchester, 2013