Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EAST AND WEST AWAKENED (Rethinking Marxism by Haiku–four poems)

Reading philosophy is fruitful for poetry, fruitful for haiku too. Philosophy deepens and sharpens our poetic mind. Any philosophy if truthful can be used as a base for writing poetry, including Marxism.

The poems below are my recent attempt to rethink Marxism by haiku poetry.

"theory becomes
a material force when it
grips the masses"*
- - Dimitar Anakiev

*Marx: Introduction to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right

Mending the holes
of my raincoat–that's the way
I became a Marxist*
- - Dimitar Anakiev

*Trotsky: "Anarchism is like a raincoat full of holes–it only works when it is not needed"

Materialist dialectic
is a revolutionary dialectic...
Waters of spring.
- - Dimitar Anakiev

The reality strives
towards thought and though,
tends to realize itself.
- - Dimitar Anakiev


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