Thursday, July 26, 2012

PERMANENT REVOLUTION, haiku from the left front

Dimitar Anakiev, from the collection
THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION, haiku from the left front
in support of poet Manu Kant

Revolutionary students
of today are waiting in the lines
of McDonald's restaurant

“Socialism or barbarism?”
asked Rosa Luxemburg
before she was killed

“Arab spring” they say
but there is still deadly cold
in the hearts of people

Gusts of rain
confirm the power of people
is indestructible

From the forest
fog rises but the thought of Trotsky
remains hidden

Trotsky suggested
left-front instead of right-front...
What is the “People's Front”?

Camouflaged bureaucrats
presented as Marxists
just as defeatists

Reformed leftists
refused Marxism embracing
“the only reality”

Trying to see things
as clear as my cat seeking prey
I go back to Marxism

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